Practise Areas

Tourism Law

Today, tourism is a critical economic asset, and represents a specific area requiring a legal infrastructure due to the diversity of its components and its international profile. Compliance by the players of the tourism market with the Consumer Law No 6502 as well as its implementing regulations, primarily the Regulation for Package Tour Contracts, Regulation for Distance Contracts, and Regulation for Commercial Advertisements and Unfair Practices is of great significance in avoiding administrative sanctions. To this end, Mr. Arslan serves as a consultant and attorney for a set of areas primarily including the coordination of commercial activities and interactions with other market components for actors involved in the tourism legislation, revision of contracts in line with requirements set forth in the legislation, and aligning virtual and physical commercial advertisements to the legal legislation.

Transport Law

Due to major issues such as disorganized legislation on Commercial Passenger and Cargo Transport, and ambiguous role of the regulatory authority, various legal conflicts and uncertainties arise, particularly as to a concrete regulation specifying mandatory certificates and issuing guidelines defining the scope and method of commercial activities for entities engaged in commercial passenger and cargo transport. EBS clears such ambiguities, provides effective consultancy to proactively prevent legal conflicts through preventive law, and undertakes legal representation for the settlement of any conflict by legal means.

Tax Law

Representing a critical legal field consistently undergoing transformations and harbouring extensive regulations in today’s progressive economic system, Tax Law demands an efficient work and monitoring due to serious financial consequences resulting from drawbacks in our country’s tax process and wrong practices in this field. Bringing an academic competence to this field, and aided by a high-profile team of specialized consultants, EBS provides consultancy services to secure the compliance of taxpayers with latest changes in the Tax Law legislation, and efficient attorney services against any tax conflict.

Sports Law

Along with a progressively growing popularity and gigantic economic turnover, the field of sports demands a specific legal infrastructure. In the field of Sports Law where EBS offers specialized services driven by an academic background, EBS undertakes consultant and attorney functions for coordinating the interactions between athletes, sports clubs and other components of the field as well as protecting the rights of parties before federations and regulatory boards.

Commercial Law

EBS builds up the infrastructure of legal interactions between corporations governed by the Turkish Commercial Code, and provides consultancy and attorney services for seamless and optimized progress of key legal processes such as Incorporation & Liquidation, Merger & Demerger, and Suspension of Bankruptcy.

Administrative Law

EBS provides attorney services for the withdrawal, by legal means, of administrative sanctions imposed by public bodies, and reimbursement, through full remedy action, of damages suffered by entities due to service default.

Real Estate Law

EBS provides consultant and attorney services for expropriations, confiscations without expropriating, rights under Law no 6292-2/B, and legally and administratively handling and finalizing the whole process involving the determination of rights upon the elimination of joint partnership, and subsequently assigning such rights to rightful owners.

Labour Law

EBS provides consultant services in clear management of worker-employer relations, ensuring legal and corporate compliance with Labour Law no 4857 throughout the whole process starting with employment up to termination of employment, and also provides legal attorney services in industrial conflicts.

Intellectual Property Law

Consistent advancements in technology, greatly facilitating accessibility to a particular product or service, have called forth the need to the protection of intellectual properties as economic assets. EBS provides consultancy for the protection of copyright in a work, legal registration and assignment of such copyrights, and also provides attorney services in conflicts arising out of copyrights.

Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

EBS efficiently manages and finalizes the process of collecting, by enforcement procedures, of non-collected receivables, and provides attorney services in favour of debtee/debtor parties in lawsuits under the Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law.

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